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Rich Tomkins Multi Sport Award - Due by April 15, 2018

The importance of favorable news coverage cannot be overemphasized.  Recently the Michigan High School Coach Associations, Rich Tompkins Multi-Sport Athlete Chairperson, Mr. Larry Merx, received a note from Mrs. Jessica Lamp, parent of Averi Lamp, expressing the family’s appreciation of the MHSCA’s recognition of multi-sport athletes.


“Good Morning Mr. Merx,

I wanted to reach out an express my appreciation for the MHSCA support for multi-sport athletes.  My daughter (Averi Lamp) was informed yesterday that she will be her school’s nominee (Saranac High School) for this year and of course as parents, my husband and I are very happy for her to receive the recognition for her dedication the last 4 years.

As you know being a multi-sport athlete opens up so many doors and opportunities in the future.  With my daughter’s own story on being a multi-sport athlete and having general athleticism it will allow her to continue her collegiate athletic career in a completely new sport at MSU (article link below).

I just wanted to share her story and the benefits she has seen as a multi-sport athlete, maybe a “hey did you know this was a possibility” message.  Instead of having one or two areas of areas to pursue (volleyball, basketball, etc.), she left her options opened and developed as an all-around athlete that opened a whole new area for her.

I appreciate your time and the work MHSCA does to encourage athleticism, I know from an employer standpoint, give me an athlete or former athlete over a non-athlete any day.  Their ability to work in a team setting is ingrained and natural, it is one less thing you have to try to train someone on.


Jessica Lamp”


We are just days away from the final call for nominations for the fifth year of the MHSCA Rich Tompkins Multi-Sport Athlete Award.

The Michigan High School Coaches Association will present the Multi-Sport Athlete Awards to athletes in Michigan High Schools in the spring of 2018. The original “edition” of the awards was made in the spring of 2015 to recognize the accomplishments of eight (one male and one female from each of the four school classes). The MHSCA recognizes the benefits – and encourages – athletes to participate in a variety of school sports and other school and community activities.

As you know, research shows that:

  • A student who participates in one extra-curricular activity will have a higher GPA that a student who does not participate in any extra-curricular activities
  • A student who participates in two extra-curricular activities will have a higher GPA than a student who participates in only one.
  • A student who participates in 3 extra-curricular activities will have a higher GPA than the student who participates in two.
  • *Another study has shown that more than 50 % of the NFL Players played more than one sport in high school.



  • Each school in state is eligible to submit one female and one male for award. The athlete must have competed in a minimum of three sports for all four years of high school.
  • Nominations must be submitted by April 15 of each year.
  • One female and one male in each class (A,B,C,D) will be selected as the winner of the award.
  • All nominees will be recognized.
  • Awards will be presented at senior events for the student’s high school.

For more information contact Mr. Larry Merx, MHSCA President at: or Go to or clink on the link below

The MHSCA endorses multi sports athletes to share their many talents with their schools, teammates, and communities, and enjoy the memories that only can come during high school sports.


2017 Rich Tompkins Multi-Sport Athlete Award Winners

Class A Female- Katelyn Jones, Owosso

Class A Male- William  Fealko, Port Huron Northern

Class B Female- Layna Steele, Vicksburg

Class B Male- Brendan  Fraser, Notre Dame Preparatory School

Class C Female- Marissa Payne, Concord

Class C Male- Gabe Callery, TC St. Francis

Class D Female- Linnea McDonough, Pentwater

Class D Male-Jacob Martin, Athens Jr./Sr.