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The MHSCA is committed to encouraging student athletes to participate in several sports during their high school career. To that end, the Association established the "Multi-Sport Athlete Award" first presented to graduates in the Class of 2015. The award, to be re-named the "Rich Tompkins Multi-Sport Athlete Award" starting with the Class of 2016, recognizes athletes for their preparation for a lifetime of physical activity that will best suit them to a healthy life.

A program has come to our attention that provides a rationale for our support of an athletes' participation in multiple sports and offers guidance for preparing athletes for competition throughout their school careers - and lives.

We encourage you to take a look at their web site: https://iyca.isrefer.com/go/LTAD/ddougherty/  and the offer
included in the message below.
Option 1: Your Long Term Athlete Development Tool Kit

Option 2: If you are already a great coachÖ

Option 3: Why LTAD is the best way

If youíre reading this you are already a great coach and you most likely know the value of long term athletic development for your athletes.

But are you reaching as many of them as you want?

Do you get a lot of resistance from sport coaches and parents?

The pressure to move young athletes to early sport specialization is enormous!  Thatís why the International Youth Conditioning Association took a great deal of time and energy to put together all the science and show you exactly how and why LTAD is the best way to train your athletes.
Not so much to convince you, but to empower you with the tools needed to help more athletes.
Hereís what you get in the Long Term Athlete Development programÖ

The Long Term Athlete Development: Theory & Application Manual that will lay out the foundation for everything you need to implement an LTAD system in your training including case studies from all over the world, research and a complete roadmap to using the LTAD system.
The Long Term Athlete Development Video Series complete with over 120 videos covering everything from how to deliver a great LTAD program, movement menus, games, an exercise library and more!
And youíll get these bonuses (valued at over $248.00):

Warming Up Your 14+ Athletes
This recording of Wil Flemingís presentation at a recent performance summit will teach you how to prepare you athletes for their sessions and shows you a systematic approach to movement prep.

Swipe & Deploy Emails
You can take these done-for-you emails and use them to educate parents, coaches and athletes on what youíre doing and why itís going to work for them.  These emails will drastically reduce the resistance you get from parents and coaches while showing them proof that youíre the best at what you do.

When you pick up your copy of Long Term Athlete Development youíll get access to our complete manual, all of the coaching videos, done-for-you programs and more so that you can stay at the top of the field of performance training.
Youíll also be able to validate what youíve known all along and be better prepared to explain to coaches and parents why what youíre doing is not only the best way, but itís what the top coaches are using in their training.
Gaining the valuable knowledge and having access to the priceless resources in this program is the fastest way to being the very best coach you can be and being known as the go to coach in your areas.
Get it now during our special release and save $100: https://iyca.isrefer.com/go/LTAD/ddougherty/    
This offer wonít last longÖ

The price goes up on Friday, December 11th at MIDNIGHT Eastern Time.   

Julie Hatfield, BSc, CPT, YFS1, YSAS, YNS
IYCA-Executive Director

P.S. Iím so confident that this program will impact your training that Iím offering up a no risk, 365 guarantee.  If, for any reason, youíre not 100% satisfied with your investment simply let me know and Iíll give you every penny back.
P.P.S. This is the most complete resource available for Long Term Athletic Development.  Donít miss out on this great deal!

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