MHSCA Update From the Executive Director               March, 2013

 We have been busy with design and plans for the relocation of the MHSCA Hall of Fame on the campus of Central Michigan University. Kim Spalsbury and myself have met with computer people once on the campus and with the CMU people two other times in regards to this project.

We have outgrown our present location in the room at the west end of the Student Activities Center.  There simply is not any available wall space in this room. In fact the past two years are in the display off the main hall and not on the walls inside the room. CMU is proposing a move to a hallway just off the main entrance to the Student Activities Center. This is the hallway that is used daily for coaches entering their offices, for the training room and for various sport practices and activities. It is also the closest doorway from the main parking lot to Rose Arena which is the biggest meeting space on their campus. This is where they play their basketball games, have their graduation ceremonies, and numerous concerts and programs throughout the year. Our Hall of Fame will truly now be a hall and will be designed to complement other displays in the same hall way.

It will have full size murals with almost Fathead-size pictures of athletes representing both genders and sports and different time periods. There will also be some representations of some of the more prominent coaches in the history of Michigan High School Sports. The MHSAA and CMU Sports Information are helping in this regard. There will be several display cases in which we can show our National Hall of Fame members, our Board of Directors, our past Distinguished Service Award honorees, our past Presidents, and the current year Hall of Fame Class. The main attraction for the new location will be a computer kiosk in which all 600 plus members of the MHSCA Hall of Fame will be found. There will be pictures of each HOF member, and a short bio for each as well. A person will be able to find coaches on the kiosk by name, school , and or by sport. You would click on school for example and all the coaches from that school who are in the HOF would come up on the screen. You would then click a given coach and their picture and bio would appear. It is hoped that this project would be completed in time.

Our 2013 Spring Board Meeting was held on Sunday, March 24 at the Lansing Ramada Inn Hotel and Conference Center. 17 people were in attendance representing their sport associations. Our Fall Board Meeting will be held on Sunday, September 15 on the campus of CMU in connection with our Hall of Fame Induction Dinner honoring the Class of 2013. Our Coach of the Year Banquet will be held on Sunday, November 3rd in Lansing.

All coaches should check link on our website for the Recruiting Webinar. There some changes coming effective with the college freshmen class of 2016 regarding eligibility. You may think that is several years down the road, but realize that those student athletes enrolling in college in 2016 are high school freshmen right now and the courses they are taking right now will affect their eligibility for college sports in 2016. The website is All coaches, parents, counselors should look at this web site so that they will have a better idea of what the new requirements will be for college student athletes in 2016.

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