2015 CSA Award
Jim Okler (left), Interim Executive Director presenting a "50 Years of Coaching" Award to Mike Jolly.


2015 CSA Award
John Cunningham receiving his 45 years of Coaching Service Award from Jim Okler, Interim Executive Director, and Mike Jolly, CSA Chair.



15/20/25/30/35/40/45 YEAR COACHING SERVICE AWARD



--Must have distinguished himself/herself with good coaching ethics and promoted good sportsmanship throughout their coaching career.  Your AD or principal’s signature confirms this for you.

--May use up to 10 years coaching outside of Michigan

--May use coaching at any level as long as it is a school sponsored interscholastic sport.

--To receive a general coaching certificate you must have been coaching at least one sport per year at any level for “X” number of years.

--May apply for specific certificates for a sport and for more than one sport provided you qualify for specified number of years in that sport.  This can be at any level.  You cannot however count more than one level for a sport in any one year.

Coaching Award application form
Coaching Career summary form

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