Jim Okler, Grosse Ile, Named Executive Director of the MHSCA

Thank you to the Michigan High School Coaches Association and my friends who nominated me for the honor to be the fifth Michigan High School Coaches Association Executive Director.A special thank you to my wife, Christine, and my children who showing support, allowing our family the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful organization.

The MHSCA Executive Director represents for me a personís character.I recall my grandpa saying once "that people will really trust in your actions based on your character and if you do not know a person with good character, you have lost a lot in life."Therefore, I have always made sure those words were part of my life.Not only seeking out others with good character, and always holding myself to those standards." There are many mentors who have influenced my every day of my life and many of those that still influence me daily.From my current leadership, to the mentors who helped me today. Those coaches who showed me how dedication to your student athletes and the program will bring much more than success, it was a building block for life-long relationships.

My experience provides confirmation of successful organization supervisor in the following areas, two time state coaches association leader, one national association leader, along with the numerous local, state, and national committee memberships, or appointed committee chair by my peers.Many of with professional and personal positions enabled multiple areas of knowledge in leadership, financial development, and responsibility, while continued educational growth for marketing and organizational branding.The interpersonal communication skills gained while in all these leadership roles has shown how many key aspects to negotiations with corporate, political, professional, and personalities to insure the best interest of my partners.To our members, please be assure that MHSCA under our leadership roles, the vision that we all bring to the table, it will carry the MHSCA onto a validated trailblazer among the sports association within our state and notable in our nation. We will remember this great history of MHSCA and all it represents, while, we continue development in the many possibilities for our association's members are seeking.

Receiving the confirmation to become the MHSCA Executive Director is an honor and one I hope it reflects in my character, the person I am to my family, my mentors, my student athletes, and the many fine coaches of this organization.

Thank You

James M. Okler, CMAA
Grosse Ile Athletic Director

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